Zoom has become a key video conferencing resource for schools during times where onsite instruction is limited. ClassroomAPP now supports launching Zoom calls directly from within your courses.


    Each teacher needs to have a Zoom account (not mandatory for students), and the Zoom call type needs to be enabled in your Admin panel (contact your administrator if you have questions). Create a 'Video Conference' in your course, and set the call type to Zoom.

    Linking to Zoom

    The first time you start your Zoom call, ClassroomAPP will go through the authorization process for you. Login with your Zoom account and you are now linked and ready to start your calls

    Unlinking from Zoom

    If you wish to deactivate Zoom from your ClassroomAPP account:

    1. Click on your user avatar in the top menu
    2. Select the 'hamburger' menu from the popup
    3. Click on 'Unlink from Zoom'

    If you need to link to Zoom again, just follow the same steps and select 'Link to Zoom'

    Uninstalling from your Zoom Account

    1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace
    2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for ClassroomAPP
    3. Click on ClassroomAPP
    4. Click Uninstall

    Data shared with / from Zoom

    No private data from Zoom is stored in ClassroomAPP, we only keep the authorization tokens and your user ID in order to connect to Zoom and create calls on your behalf.


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    US: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958