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  • Bart Teal

    ClassroomAPP's dashboard for Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence assesses an entire district or state, and allows for strategic decisions into strengths & opportunities. The deep dive into classroom information provides schools with the information needed to improve performance

    Bart Teal - President, Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence

  • Gil Garcia

    ClassroomAPP has given us the confidence to meet very stringent student security demands of School Districts. This single app, including videoconferencing, is now so robust that it is the perfect single solution for curriculum delivery via distance learning, while eliminating many costly redundant services.

    Gil Garcia - Past President, LA County School Trustees Association


Remote-learning ready!

With built-in secure video and audio conference, you are well under you way to be ready for full digital instruction.

No more video links to share with your students, it launches automatically so you can start teaching. With our high-performance servers, you will feel the students are right next to you.

Comes with digital white board, break-out rooms (ideal for project work) and class-like functions (raising hand, express emotions etc.) so you can continue teaching the way you are used to.

ClassroomAPP Dashboard

The Best Classroom Platform. Period.

With our innovative in-browser dashboard, teachers can control their classrooms, view student screens, send websites over to all or a few students, or even lock students on a given webpage so they don't go astray (say for in-classroom work or testing)

ClassroomAPP also secures your devices from malware and other bad sites 24/7. Teachers can block or allow sites real-time (for example, only allow a specific YouTube video)



ClassroomAPP is deeply integrated into the major platforms, Google Classroom, Microsoft, Clever, IMS OneRoster, LTI etc.

Single Sign-on is a breeze out-of-the-box. You can roster from your School Information System, Google Classroom or even MS Azure

Empower your classroom & instruction now!


Real-time reports ... on everything!

ClassroomAPP is the hub of your classroom. This means it can provide you with real-time charts and stats on anything you want. Thanks to an easy-to-use report builder, you can see student performance, standards, content usage, device information, and so on. All built-in from day one!

Offline Server

No bandwidth?

You are not alone, as the demand for internet bandwidth in the classroom rises many teachers and students experience long delays and disruptions. We have two pieces of good news

First, ClassroomAPP is designed for today's busy classroom and needs little bandwidth to function

Second, you have the option of a local server in your school(s) -- much simpler than it sounds! This painless and self-managing server handles all the communication in the classroom. This also means your tests, digital content, assignments ... are all local and blazing fast to access. The server synchronizes online real-time so you can access your content from home

Customizable out-of-the-box

No two schools or districts are alike. We know that! ClassroomAPP was designed to be easy to configure with little support. Thanks to a flexible roles and permission system you can give each what they really want

This is a big topic we can't cover here, so feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. If there is something we don't have, we usually add it at our cost to make sure you have the optimal experience. Now THAT is great customer service


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