Show / Hide


Instructors can hide content from students or parents. This makes it easier for teachers to control delivery and timing of content. It also allows teachers to show content to parents only (e.g. parent notes, schedules etc.)


The blue student icon is visible next to the content card (or to the right when in list view). When unselected, it turns gray meaning it's invisible for students.

The blue color is used within the app as the color for student activity, e.g. chatting direct with students

Teachers can also disable the browser real-time to connected students


The green parent icon is also visible next to the student icon. When it's grey the content is invisible to parents

Use cases

  1. You can organize your content into folders (or groups) and hide it at the beginning of the school year and show when it's time for the activity
  2. Hide tests until you are ready to administer them
  3. Hide activities for the day
  4. Hide content that you don't want shared outside the classroom


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