More often than not, teachers need to access external resources in their teaching. We are also noticing an increasing number of students and teachers using online-only resources (hence the popularity of devices with no CD / DVD drives).

ClassroomAPP has built-in support for your online content, with intelligent content identification (e.g. Google Docs, Sheets, Office 365) to get the proper logo for ease of identification by students within the application.

The icon of the Resource will change dynamically to reflect its type. This is the only dynamic content type in the application.

Types of Resources

There are really two major types of resources, with the first two being the most common


What differentiates images from other online resources is that:

  1. You can view them directly and input them into your Documents (see Document section in this docs portal).
  2. You can import them from your phone camera or computer drive

Online Resource

Online resources can be a website, an online doc, an online drive and so on. Any web resource can become a Resource in your application.

Creating a Resource

There are two ways to create a resource:

  1. In your Course, Group, Folder or Workspace, click on '+' in the Menu. Then you can click on the edit button to upload an image or a file.
  2. From the web browser, click on the bookmarks icon and follow the instructions.

Accessing a Resource

You can add (or link) to a resource in your Course, Groups and Folders. When a user clicks on the specific resource, it will open it up on their screen (they will see the image if it's an image, or be directed to the browser for online resources)


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