Logging In


ClassroomAPP generally aims to be provider-agnostic. You can log in using the most common single sign-on providers as listed below.

A notable exception is that we do not at this time support Facebook, as we feel it is more for social rather than learning activities. Furthermore, most school firewalls block Facebook. If you would like us to add it, please contact us and we'll be happy to integrate your Facebook accounts.


If you are using rostering (rather than registration with codes) please note we use the email address as the key for link to other data sources.


Clever integration is quite simple. In your Clever administrator dashboard, add and provision ClasroomAPP. Once that is completed, you can then head over to the Application, click on Login, then the Clever button in the footer to initiate the log in process.

Bonus: During Clever login, students are often faced with a dropdown menu to select their school. If you provide us with your network IP addresses, we can skip that step and students will get logged in faster. Schools have told us how they like this feature as it reduces friction in the classroom (for a single-button login).

Google Classroom

In the Login panel, simply click on Google in the footer to be shown a Google popup. Login and you will be logged in to the App with your personal information provided by Google. We are also able to pull your courses from Google Classroom. If you want us to, please contact us, and we'll be happy to set it up for you.


In the Login panel, simply click on Microsoft in the footer to be shown a Microsoft login popup. Once you are done logging in you will be redirected back to the App to start using it.


1-833-CLASSRM1 (1-833-257-7761)


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