Introduction to Classroom


ClassroomAPP is a unique application in its pedagogical philosophy. We designed ClassroomAPP to first manage the teaching and learning in the digital classroom, then, as an extension, manage hardware or content. The application structure is centered around in-classroom teaching activities.


Your administrator should have installed the ClassroomAPP extension for you, which allows you to control student browser and tabs. You will see the ClassroomAPP logo in your menu. Click it at any time to launch your Dashboard in any browser tab currently open.

In addition, you have access to more features within the app. Click on the browser extension in the menu, then the 'ClassroomAPP' button all the way to the right.

Features overview

  • You can connect all students in any course
  • You can view what students are browsing
  • You can direct (or force) students to a particular page
  • You can lock students in any page
  • You can filter pages easily (e.g. block Youtube but allow a single video)

We strongly recommend you go through the built-in Wizards in the app which will provide hands-on training to the most common tasks.


1-833-CLASSRM1 (1-833-257-7761)


US: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958