Force / Lock Content


The devices in your classroom can become great tools if used right. With ClassroomAPP you can seamlessly project content or applications to your students, giving them the right amount of control.

Force vs. Lock

  • Force mode simply forces your current screen at the moment you initiate it (e.g. the current link you are viewing in the browser). Any changes you make after you initiate the Force mode is not replicated on the student side.

  • Lock mode goes a step further, it locks your current screen on student devices. This is most suitable for when you want to explain things live in the classroom

To start either of these two modes, simply select the Force / Lock buttons from the footer of the current view (if it permits being projected on student devices).

Content Types

You can project (almost) any type of content to student devices.

Web Resources

From within the browser, you can open any online link, then turn on Force from the Footer to share this link with your students.

Internal Content

Any content you created (or have access to) can be shared with students in the classroom, provided they have access to this content.


Launch your Application from the Applications Panel and then start the Force mode. If login is required, students will be logged in first, then directed to the page you want to force.

Use Cases

1. Activities

In this case, you are looking to share with your students the starting page of the resource you are targeting. Once you reach that page, simply click on Force.

If this resource requires login (Application or login-based page) ClassroomAPP will log the student in first, then direct them to the Forced resource.

2. Tests

Once your assessment is created, you can share it with the connected classroom using the Lock mode.

Important: Make sure the assessment is not locked to students via the toggle button at the top of the test and is visible

Once the assessment time is completed, you simply make the assessment non-visible to students using the toggle off ().

3. Group Work

First, you need to divide your classroom into separate Groups. Then use the Manage feature to either force or lock the container of the Groups. Students can only see the Group they are member of, and will be able to go in and navigate to its resources (e.g. Wall, Docs, Resources) and start their activities.


Force and Lock modes are a key part of controlling your classroom. Having the classroom run in a smooth and automated way allows you to focus on your teaching activities and let technology resolve itself.


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