Codes are a convenient way to give students and teachers access to your course, workspace or group. The intent is to simplify content sharing as well as rostering. You simply generate a code and share it. As well, the recipient of the code implicitly accepts that they want to access your content.

All codes expire automatically after two weeks. You can also manually delete codes from the Codes Management panel (click on Codes then go to Manage panel from the footer).

Types of Codes

There are two types of codes that can be generated

Registration Code

You can register other members to your courses, workspaces or groups.

Use Cases

  1. Register your students to your course
  2. Register other teachers to your course (e.g. a substitute teacher)
  3. Share content with other teachers in your workspace
  4. Students working collaboratively in their workspace

Parent Code

A parent code allows a parent to access their students' profile. More than one parent (or technically a legal guardian) can access a student's profile, and a parent may access any number of student profiles.

Note: Once a parent has access to a student's profile, they can access all their content (provided the teacher has enabled parent visibility with the green toggle button. A parent needs to link once to their student's profile and that connection will remain for the current and subsequent years.

Generating Parent Codes

There are two ways to generate parent codes:

  1. A teacher from the members page of a Course or Group can generate a PDF file (which is sent via email to the teacher's registered email) with all the codes for their students. The PDF is designed to be printed with a sheet for each parent.
  2. A student can generate their own parent code and share with their parents.


Parents do not have access to other students' private information (name, email etc.). It's a secured environment where they only see their own student's information (tests etc.).

Parents also do not have access to their student's workspaces (unless students generate codes for their parents).

Revoking Parent Access

In some extreme circumstances (e.g. for legal reasons) a parent access may need to be revoked. At which point, please contact us and access will be removed within the work day.


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