Classroom Control Functions


This article a reference of classroom functionalities. Below are the functions available to you in the bottom menu (the footer) or the orange in the menu

Both the classroom footer and the plug menu are context-sensitive, they change based on the classroom status (connected or not) and where you are (content that can be shared or not)


This button automatically connects all students within the course you are in. Visit the AutoConnect to better understand the automatic connectivity. This button disappears once your classroom is in 'auto-connect' mode

Autoconnects is a unique feature of ClassroomAPP, where students get connected automatically to the teachers as soon as they go online, freeing the teacher to focus on classroom activities, rather than the underlying technology.


Click on this footer menu button to force your current view onto all connected students one-time. By one-time we mean that once students are directed to the Forced view, they can move around at-will. It is meant as a way to help students get there faster.

Note: If you want to force only to a subset of students, see the Manage function.

The Force feature is a toggle feature. When you enable it, students who log in will also automatically get forced. So don't forget to un-force when you are done

Important: If you hide content from students you cannot force it. The application automatically handles that for you by ignoring your request and showing you a request


Locking only works when in Browser or Tests. This function disables the ability to leave the current panel.

  • For browsers, students can't type in the URL bar at the top, they are locked in, but can click any link on the screen.
  • For tests, students are forced into the test and can't leave (this way you are guaranteed they can't cheat)

Note that turning on Lock also turns on automatically Force. Lock is essentially a continuous Force


The Screens subpanels gets frequent screenshots of connected student devices. You can see real-time what each student is doing. This feature was optimized to be bandwidth-light by sending compressed images every 5 - 8s.


The last Classroom subpanel shows you the delinquency of students. Just as you can't control students hiding behind their books, you can't control students turning off their devices or doing something else with them (especially BYOD). This subpanel shows you how often students have disconnected from you and the last time they did.


This function is only available in the My Classroom panel. You can select major categories you can disable for connected students.


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