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Designed for teachers

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Built-in wizards and help center
  • Real-time classroom control

Imagine ...

If technology just worked in your classroom and played nice with all your apps

Take full control of your classroom

Real-time monitoring, screen view and control of student devices

See what students are doing live

Real-time screenview with no bandwidth consumption

Navigate students with 1 click

Real-time reports

Browsing history, applications, content, system access etc.

Share content or websites

Launch apps remotely

The simplest yet most complete K12 LMS

Can also extend missing features of Google & Microsoft Classroom or play with your existing LMS

Courses, groups, docs, walls, blogs, chats ... it's all there!

The easiest teaching platform yet!

Stop looking ...
All your resources in one place!

Google / Microsoft docs, apps, websites, dropbox, PDF, images, videos etc.

One-button real-time sharing

Say hello to the flexible classroom

Great for primary & elementary

Badge logins, easy-to-use docs and presentations

Launch all your Apps right from your course!

Take it to the next level with real-time control

Install & launch Apps remotely

With automated built-in single-signon

Supports all single-signons in education

LTI, Google, Microsoft, Clever, and even non-SSO apps with AutoLogin

Live reports of app usage metrics

Streamline applications spend and monitor usage

The simplest yet most advanced testing engine

Create and launch your test in under 5 mins

Intuitive test builder

Convert your paper tests on-the-fly with built-in scanner

Real-time test reports & charts

See students tests real-time

Measure progress against standards

Tag your questions for comprehensive reports on student performance

Share tests and questions

Collaborate or re-use from question banks

The most secure classroom today

With smart and easy-to-use internet filters

Malware, viruses, x-rated, chats, gaming and more

Automated safe-search on all major search engines

Secures browsing anywhere, even at home

Students no longer have to be at school to be safe

Complete & updated website filter

Largest educational site filter in the market today - over 5M sites indexed

In-classroom browsing control

Control student browsing real-time