All the features your classroom needs

ClassroomAPP was designed from the ground up to be the complete learning solution for your K12 classroom, replacing many packages with single cohesive solution.

Features in a Nutshell

ClassroomAPP is truly the full-featured classroom and learning system designed to manage in-classroom (and off-classroom) learning activities. The list below is not meant to be exhaustive, and we believe you will only feel the true power of ClassroomAPP when you use it. When you are ready, just reach out for a short demo or to set up a no-strings attached pilot.

  • Classroom & device management

    One of the most serious challenges facing teachers is the freedom students have on their devices. Even if browsing is constrained, students may still wander off or have a hard time being where they are supposed to.

    ClassroomAPP allows the teacher full control over his / her classroom. You can see student screens or current websites on your device real-time. You can as well direct them to the right location if they need help. There is also a 'kiosk' or 'follow' mode where students cannot leave the current content, say for in-classroom tests, readings or research. 

  • Integrations, single sign-on & applications

    A common challenge facing administrators is the myriad of applications and their varying levels of integration. ClassroomAPP supports all the common protocols (IMS LTI, GAFE, Microsoft, Clever). As well as we have a unique innovation where the app can login students automatically to any app by filling in the fields for them. 

    It becomes even more interesting when you can 'force' students onto a website or application, and ClassroomAPP logs them in seamlessly and automatically for you! Passwords are a thing of the past.

  • Learning Management System

    ClassroomAPP comes with a complete LMS with all the features you expect from any best-in-class LMS. But with one huge twist. It was specifically designed for K12. The interface and features are all easily accessible with little to no training required. Even elementary students will find it a breeze to use.

  • Parent involvement & communication

    Increasingly, parents are involved in their children's education. But teachers and administrators often find it difficult to streamline parent access and communication. ClassroomAPP comes with the ability for parents to access directly their students' profile (within limits imposed by the teacher). So they can see their student's work, tests, grades and teacher notes. Relieving communication burden on the teacher, and redu

    ClassroomAPP also comes with secure chatting and messaging system. You can send a message to all the legal guardians of a student with one-click. Messages will appear as notifications on their mobile devices, and you'll be informed when they read their messages. 

  • Rostering

    Uploading students couldn't be easier. We can pull data with IMS OneRoster, direct data pull from your SIS, even uploads. And if your students use multiple login systems (e.g. GAFE and district logins) ClassroomAPP recognizes them instantly.

    If you are using Google or Microsoft for education, we can even login the students automatically once they access their computer or tablet. For Elementary, students can use badges for keyless logins

  • Testing engine

    Testing and assessments have always been a key utility of computer-based learning. With ClassroomAPP you can develop and deploy tests in minutes. One feature you will not find elsewhere is real-time updates: you can see what students are typing and live charts for grades, questions and standards completion.

    And when you are done, grades can be submitted to your School Information System.

  • Social platform & collaboration

    Students are now able to work collaboratively on their homework and projects. Create groups (and sub groups!), blogs, chats, forums, documents, presentations and spreadsheets to give students a voice in a controlled and moderated environment. 

    Teachers also can share their notes, courses and tests for truly collaborative teaching. Change a resource in one place and all other teachers see real-time the latest version.

  • Browsing & online activity

    The Web Browser is now a focal point of student learning. A secured built-in browser (based on Chrome, Edge or Safari, depending on the platform) gives you the confidence that student browsing is both secured and controlled. You can then run live reports and see which sites or apps are being accessed and block / allow real-time. A student goes somewhere they shouldn't be? Just get them off with one click.

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL)

    Based on the Harvard Case method approach, PBL is gaining notoriety as a great teaching method for 21st century skills. With ClassroomAPP you can create your lesson plans easily with a built-in wizard, and link student work to project objectives. No other PBL tool comes even close, taking away all the manual labor involved in setting up and managing new projects.

    And of course, you can share your projects with other teachers for all benefit from each classroom experience.

  • Bandwidth optimization

    The #1 issue highlighted by school and district technology leaders was bandwidth. As the use of online resources and the number of 'online' classroom grows, network demand grows faster than current school bandwidth. 

    ClassroomAPP was specifically designed to be bandwidth-light. No resource is downloaded more than once. The App only gets data differentials (i.e. when the data changes or new data is needed) and reacts to that data. This smart design approach reduces bandwidth demand considerably, allowing you to wire many more classrooms with less bandwidth.

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Docs Center

Need more information? Head out to our docs center for details on each functionality. We are only a short email away, so don't hesitate to reach out for a short demo or a conversation!