Reap ALL the benefits of your technology investments

And improve learning in the process too ... what's not to like?

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#1: Reduce costs

By integrating all the common functionalities into a single, simple, well-designed and cohesive tool, substantial savings are achieved.

  • Introduction

    This chart presents typical savings based on common publicly-available costs and typical results we have seen. Your own costs may vary somewhat, but we are certain ClassroomAPP will substantially reduce your technology costs and improve learning outcomes.

  • Applications replaced

    ClassroomAPP replaces at least four applications mentioned in the chart (LMS, Classroom Management, Plagiarism Detector and Parent Communication tool)

    In addition, it includes a best-in-class Testing Engine, and a complete firewalling and site filtering tool (that also works at home!).

  • Training savings

    Training savings are due to two positive contributions.

    First, having a single application means teachers no longer need to learn many tools with differing interfaces.

    Secondly, owing to a design that is singularly focused on the K12 classroom experience, the learning curve is much shorter with faster results (and of course, ClassroomAPP comes built-in with wizards and all the training and tutorials needed).

  • Technology savings

    By having a single integrated application, technology personnel no longer need to worry about integrations and updates (in addition to savings due to pre-designed integrations with common third-party learning applications). 

    ClassroomAPP is a set-it-and-forget-it platform.

  • Bandwidth savings

    ClassroomAPP was designed for school bandwidth. Assets, images and data are only loaded once. All server communication is light and only focuses on new or changed data (i.e. 'differentials') allowing you to deploy more classrooms on the same network.

  • Your own savings

    Your mileage will certainly vary. For instance, if you have different applications, your current savings may be less (or more!). However, for a well-functioning digital classroom, many of these features are must-haves.

    Book a 15 min conversation and we can will you in building your own business case for all stakeholders to reach a high level of confidence in your school or district's digital deployments. 


#2: Improve learning outcomes

Technology designed for all teachers, regardless of technical experience. Launch your digital classroom and never look back!

  • Friendly Tech

    Teacher-friendly Tech

    With so much simultaneous activity in the classroom, the right technology needs to make teachers' life easier, not add another layer of complexity. Thanks to the optimized user interface and the completeness of ClassroomAPP, teachers will be on familiar ground and will actually love using technology in their teaching as they will see immediate results.

    ClassroomAPP's user interface is the product of many years of in-classroom testing and use. It was designed and optimized by teachers for teachers. We hate to admit it, but most of our engineers' ideas ended being mere starting points to teacher-led improvements. Also, the fact that teachers don't have to juggle many tools prior to and during classroom time adds to their positive own experience, and hence, the students' as well.

  • Simple Training

    Training! Training! Training!

    Many experienced administrators know that the bulk of classroom tools they provide their teachers are not actually utilized. Partly owing to the difficulty in using so many different tools (and their levels of complexity), but also to the lack of practical training and follow up. Most of what is learned during those day-long PD sessions gets lost if the technology does not lend itself to easy usage AND provides in-app training. 

    Our typical introduction training is no more than an hour or two at the most. We don't even cover the functionalities of the tool as they are self-evident. We typically cover best-practices of using in-classroom technology and how to convert typical use cases to technology. ClassroomAPP then becomes second nature to the teachers.

    It's important to note that ClassroomAPP comes built-in with wizards, videos, searchable knowledge center and the ability to contact us real-time for that pressing question. We call it the no teacher left behind approach.

  • Daily Usage

    The digital classroom is on all the time!

    If a tool is not deeply integrated in teachers' and students' daily activities, it becomes a burden. Just like students are programmed to reach for school bags as soon as they walk into a classroom, in-classroom technology needs to be second nature.

    ClassroomAPP was designed for continuous use. Design considerations such as low eye-strain graphics and fonts, reduced complexity and thought through redundancies in the design (i.e. you find what you want in the most common locations) makes it 'feel natural.' 

    All the tools needed by both teachers and students are there! Having a single access point to all learning and teaching activities is a breath of fresh air for many in the education community. This is the product of careful listening to what issues teachers and students face. We only dismiss an issue as 'not our problem' when we really have no control over it. 

  • Students

    Students on board!

    Students also do get frustrated when technology does not work well. This frustration manifests itself in lack of focus in-classroom and the inability to follow up with their learning and work at home. Parents are often unable to offer any assistance as they get lost in the technology tools they have to master. 

    Having a well-designed single touch point for students gets them engaged. Most students are well-meaning and we need to support their success with the right tools to unleash their potential.

    Latest research has shown that current technology in the classroom has had mixed results. Our conversations with teachers and administrators have given us deep insight into what is not working and we believe ClassroomAPP is the single robust solution that will tip the balance in favor of ed-tech. Of course, we will never stop listening and are constantly learning from our classrooms. In fact, much of our learning was from watching teachers and students go about their daily tasks. 

  • Collaboration


    Peer collaboration for problem-solving and knowledge-sharing not only builds communication skills, but leads to in-depth learning and comprehension. ClassroomAPP was designed to make it super easy to create groups, assign work, and provide the right tools for collaborative work (walls, blogs, chats, documents, spreadsheets, presentations are all built-in and optimized for collaboration).

    Teachers can even audit the work history and see what each student has brought to the group. Students can submit assignments and see teacher comments on their work.

    We feel that while many teachers appreciate the theoretical value of collaboration, we hear that technology has made it harder to properly collaborate, not easier. That is now solved with a single toolkit that all students can use and teachers can monitor.

    Lest we forget, teachers can collaborate too, by sharing their work, content and tests. 

  • PBL

    Project-Based Learning

    PBL allows students to apply practical skills to the subject matter and realize its significance in real-life situations. Yet, it remains a challenge for many teachers to properly setup, launch and monitor their projects. ClassroomAPP is fully-designed to make it easier to run PBL projects, with built-in wizards to start your project, a carefully designed workflow for students, and live monitoring of progress and deliverables.

    PBL is gaining notoriety in the education space very quickly as it helps students acquire twenty-first century skills. ClassroomAPP will make your PBL teacher training and deployment a breeze, reduce teacher on-boarding costs and provide students with the tools they need to fully benefit from each project experience.